About Us

Leading Manufacturers in India

We follow stringent GMP and ISO standard measures to produce excellent and effective products and “wellness for all”. Personal health has been priority for the general public as the COVID 19 Pandemic has raged, Positioning the nutraceuticals industry for further success and expansion. And rise in chronic and non-communicable diseases, rising healthcare costs, and growing demand for convenience would provide a greater share in the health market in future for nutraceutical companies that practices good manufacturing practices.

Director Profile

Mallika M.
MBA, MSc Psychology (UK) and Nutrition & Weight Management consultant.

Accomplished Entrepreneur with eighteen years of experience in health and well-being. Experienced in all aspects of human health promotion that includes Nutrition, Functional foods, holistic approach and health Psychology with sound commercial knowledge.
Visionary health product developer with strong Education in research and analytics. More than Ten Years of Consultation experience with renowned Pharma companies in India, Dubai and UK. Decisive leader with proven success in new market identification especially for food and nutrition supplements with skills and ability to develop successful team along with sustainable business models. Competency in adapting quickly to dynamic environment while remaining pragmatic and focused and ensuring bottom-line success.

Board of Advisory

Dr. Murali P

Astute, Innovative and versatile and professional offering a rich mixture of experience and success in several businesses. From Health to Hospitality, Dr.Murali has found success and global recognition from Internationally recognized organizations.
  • A Company professional with over 19 years of rich & extensive experience in IT Industry and Pharma Production, Installation & Commissioning, Quality Management & Man Management.
  • International experience in four different countries with focus of developing and bringing new products to market, growing businesses and building relationships.
  • Managed and directed the business of product development and partnerships in small and mid-sized Biopharma Industry
  • Broad and balanced portfolio of skill sets to develop novel ideas and products.
  • Represented India at several International Health Summits. Built Relationship with UNICEF, WHO and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Coordinating and developing Health Tourism in India through strategically placed partnership in London, Dubai and in India.